[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies meeting Thursday November 19, 2009: Python in Computational Biology and Chemistry

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Wed Nov 18 17:46:39 CET 2009

(NOTE: Because of Thanksgiving, BayPIGgies meets in November 
on the third, not the fourth, Thursday of the month. 

And next month BayPIGiges will meet on December 14: the 
second MONDAY of the month.) 

BayPIGgies meeting Thursday November 19, 2009: 

Tonight's talk is 
* Python in Computational Biology and Chemistry 
by Andrew Dalke 

Meetings start with a Newbie Nugget, a short discussion of an 
essential Python feature, especially for those new to Python. 
Tonight's Newbie Nugget: chaining operators 

Symantec Corporation
Symantec Vcafe
350 Ellis Street
Mountain View, CA 94043

BayPIGgies meeting information is available at 

------------------------ Agenda ------------------------
..... 7:30 PM ...........................
General hubbub, inventory end-of-meeting announcements, any 
first-minute announcements. 

..... 7:35 PM to 7:40 PM ................
Newbie Nugget: chaining operators 

..... 7:40 PM to 8:45 PM (or so) ................

Python in Computational Biology and Chemistry 
by Andrew Dalke 

Andrew will describe how Python is used in molecular modeling, 
bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, and related fields. 

Wait! Don't leave! 

You're not a researcher in these fields and he knows it. He's 
going to give a taste of what the underlying problems are in some 
of those subfields, an idea of what Python tools are available 
and describe a few of the reasons why sometimes Perl, FORTRAN, or 
another language is the dominate language for that some that domain. 
There will be some colorful pictures. He'll also include a bit of 
what it's like to be a software developer in a scientific field.

LINKS: http://dalkescientific.com/writings/

..... 8:45 PM to 9:20 PM  ................
Mapping and Random Access

Mapping is a rapid-fire audience announcement of issues, hiring, 
events, and other topics. 

Random Access follows immediately to allow follow up individually 
on the announcements and other interests.

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