[Baypiggies] Suicide

Tom Michel ohgarden at cox.net
Wed Nov 18 18:24:01 CET 2009

The unhealthy work situation comes from the top - it's a de facto 
company philosophy.  My last boss had no children and he and his wife 
worked.  He would arrive at 9 AM and work until 7 PM.  Then go home, eat 
and resume working from home until 11 PM or midnight.   And he judged 
others by that standard.  It's insane.

My daughter works for a large, very well known company in SJ and 50 hour 
weeks are the expected minimum.  This amid a reduction in the perks that 
attracted good people.

Tony Cappellini wrote:
>     >>I definitely think there's something about the nature of
>     software that
>     >>makes people more susceptible to suicide.  We devote practically our
> I"m thinking it's more the work life silicon valley companies (and 
> companies in the US, in general) put us in.
> -Work your butt of, high pressure schedules,  2 weeks vacation during 
> which you can still be on call or still feel work pressure that you 
> can't really enjoy the vacation.
> How many of people vpn while on vacation??????
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