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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Nov 21 16:33:40 CET 2009

> But, I'm curious what folks mean when they say that "cloud computing" is
> another topic to be discussed at the next meeting?  It *sounds* very
> interesting as well, but I'm wondering what will be talked about in this
> context.

To be clear, what was mentioned was not a suggestion for the *next* meeting
-- but for a potential one in *2010*. The next meeting, in December, is
already scheduled to be wxPython (unless that has changed). Tony/Jim is this
still on? Although my understanding is that Jim was still looking for a
Newbie Nugget.

I said the very vague 'cloud computing' comment because a member has a
project in this area that he'd like to present on. He didn't want to go into
details just yet.

I suggested that he should talk to Jim and/or post to the list to get the
ball rolling if he was interested in speaking (but only for 15 minutes). He
originally mentioned that he only wanted to speak for about 15 minutes. And,
I started thinking aloud. We've done the 'four speakers for 15 minutes'
format before.

And, brainstorming, aloud, I thought "We hadn't discussed Hadoop" and there
seems to be a pretty large interest in that lately. I've seen a Python
magazine article on it. I also remember reading more about Amazon's cloud
computing Python API. These things all seemed related.

So, that was really brainstorming. I don't remember the member's name who
was interested in doing this presentation. Hopefully, he will read this,
post if he's still interested in presenting and the ball starts rolling.
Also, if there are others who are interested in presenting for Hadoop or
Amazon Cloud Computing, speak up.  I want to defer to Jim on who actually
organizes who are speakers are... I'm just drumming up interests for us as a
group to choose from. Hopefully it doesn't add confusion...

In summary, unless I'm corrected by either Jim or Tony, I think we already
have December's topics and we are now discussing topics for 2010.


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