[Baypiggies] Speaking of Wave

Ryan Delucchi bender at onsrc.com
Sun Nov 22 06:56:08 CET 2009

> But, I'm curious what folks mean when they say that "cloud  
> computing" is another topic to be discussed at the next meeting?  It  
> *sounds* very interesting as well, but I'm wondering what will be  
> talked about in this context.
> To be clear, what was mentioned was not a suggestion for the *next*  
> meeting -- but for a potential one in *2010*. The next meeting, in  
> December, is already scheduled to be wxPython (unless that has  
> changed). Tony/Jim is this still on? Although my understanding is  
> that Jim was still looking for a Newbie Nugget.

wxPython is a great idea.  I haven't been exposed to this framework  
before but would be very interested in such a talk.

> I said the very vague 'cloud computing' comment because a member has  
> a project in this area that he'd like to present on. He didn't want  
> to go into details just yet.

Fair enough.  Despite its vaugness, my hunch was that it would be  
interesting :-)

> And, brainstorming, aloud, I thought "We hadn't discussed Hadoop"  
> and there seems to be a pretty large interest in that lately. I've  
> seen a Python magazine article on it. I also remember reading more  
> about Amazon's cloud computing Python API. These things all seemed  
> related.

+1 for covering Hadoop

> In summary, unless I'm corrected by either Jim or Tony, I think we  
> already have December's topics and we are now discussing topics for  
> 2010.

Great.  Quick Question:  The December meeting will be Dec. 14th,  
right?  If so, that works out well since I have a big deadline on the  
9th at work and it will be relatively smooth sailing for the rest of  
the year.


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