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Gheni Abla abla at fusion.gat.com
Mon Nov 23 19:42:51 CET 2009


Does somebody have an extra invitation for Wave?   I really wanted to 
try out, but I don't have access....


--Gheni Abla

Glen Jarvis wrote:
>>> Really? Searching my sent mail and eyeballing the results, 20% are  
>>> votes, 25% are US international phone prefix, and the other uses of  
>>> "+1" are "other", giving a pretty high false positive rate.
>> ===
>> Unless the app only looks at the first two characters in the body of
>> the email
> Don't forget, that we're not talking about a text email anymore. We're talking about a Google Wave. We're not 'scraping' the email to look for items. The PlusOne App is a gadget already build and added to the wave. If someone wants to vote, they click the 'thumbs up' and a +1 is added. Or, they vote for 'thumbs down' (-1). It's very rich media and avoids all of these issues of trying to scrape for +1/-1 in a meaningful context. It's encapsulated as a gadget in the wave. One can interact with lots of parts of a wave at once (like one can interact with a web page in several different places).
> I think this is where wave is revolutionary. Does anyone else remember the Gopher, Archie, Veronica, etc. days?  When we had a text based system (gopher was a hierarchy  of text documents that one could navigate)? If one wanted a free ware program, we'd go to Archie to get it. If you wanted to search for different freeware programs, one would go to Veronica (it's been a long time, did I get that backwards)?  Or, if one wanted to get a graphic from a usenet group, we would capture the text from the usenet group (the uuencoded tagged portion) and then we'd paste the pieces together and manually uudecode it to get a graphic. That's a big *big* pain to be able to work -- but, that's how everyone worked... we were used to it... until something came along... a Mosaic browser... that allowed us to integrate our Gopher libraries (gopher://...), with images and files and even this new very simple hypertext language (http://...)....  
> Wave is similar in the fact that it's very rich... it's editable by different people at the same time.. it's like one-stop-shopping in a communication format similar to how the web was suddenly one-stop-shopping for all of these images.  For example, the other day, a coworker, in IRC, pasted a link that had his code numbered (too much to paste into IRC). We were using two different mediums (external links to web pages, and IRC) to communicate. We're accustomed to it, but it's a lot of extra work than being able to chat directly in a wave, with text, that both can see edits on, and even syntax coloring..... we started using wave.. boom.. one-stop-shopping again...
> So, if we're using the PlusOne gadget (that is, if this has been added to a wave), then we don't need to worry about scraping +1/-1/etc any more...  Want a different kind of gadget? write one... (in Python of course ;)   then add it to your wave.... (or any wave)...  You can have any mixture of gadgets, robots, text, graphics, videos, etc. in a wave...
> It's a fundamental paradigm shift... and absolutely cool, huh :)
> Cheers,
> Glen
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