[Baypiggies] code review or tool suggestion

Ryan Delucchi bender at onsrc.com
Wed Nov 25 19:47:34 CET 2009

My place of work actually has adopted code reviews as standard  
practice and the previous places I've worked have had both informal  
and formal code reviews on occasion.

While I tend to like code reviews, the usual pitfall is having enough  
bandwidth to put the required energy into them. that being said, I am  
all for us doing some code reviews ... I'll just need to get back to  
writing python code ;-)


On Nov 25, 2009, at 10:17 AM, K. Richard Pixley wrote:

> I, too, think small code reviews are a great idea.
> I prefer basic text for code reviews, though.  No other tool I've  
> seen is as flexible or as easy to understand.
> I'll keep an eye out for any of my code that isn't proprietary.
> --rich
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