[Baypiggies] [ANN] December 2 talk at UC Berkeley: Nipype - A Python framework for neuroimaging

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 00:42:21 CET 2009

Hi all,

Next week's py4science at UC Berkeley presentation will be by Chris
Burns (details below); the wiki page and calendar have been updated
with the details for reference.

When: December 2, 2pm
Where: Evans Hall, 508-20
Py4Science at UC Berkeley: https://cirl.berkeley.edu/view/Py4Science

Title: Nipype - A Python framework for neuroimaging
By Christopher Burns, UC Berkeley Neuroscience.

Nipype is a project under the umbrella of Nipy, an effort to develop
open-source, community-developed neuroimaging tools in Python.  The
goals of Nipype are two-fold, first to provide a uniform interface to
existing neuroimaging software packages, and second to provide a
pipeline structure to easily tie together the processing and
statistical algorithms used for analyzing neuroimaging data.  The
interface component provides access to commandline, matlab mediated,
and pure-python based algorithms from packages such as FSL, SPM, AFNI
and Freesurfer.  The pipeline environment allows one to interchange
processing steps between different packages and iterate over a set of
parameters, along with providing automated provenance tracking.  By
exposing a consistent interface to the external packages, researchers
are able to explore the wide range of imaging algorithms and configure
their own analysis pipeline which best fits their data and research
objectives, and maintain their pipeline in a structured environment. I
will explain the software architecture and challenges in interfacing
the external packages, and demonstrate the flexibility of nipype in
performing an analysis.

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