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Mark Gentry mgentry at slide.com
Thu Oct 1 23:19:02 CEST 2009

Want to be a part of the next big internet success story?
Want to be a tech pioneer alongside artists, athletes, musicians, and talent from around the globe?
Then you want to be at Slide.

About Slide

We are the #1 developer of applications on social networks.

    * Our applications, like Slideshow, FunSpace, SuperPoke! and Top Friends, are as technically deep    
      and sophisticated as they are popular.
    * Our 155+ million users make us one of the top 10 web properties in the world; that's serious scale.

Job Description:

You will work with a small, talented team in a fast-paced environment at our office in San Francisco, building and scaling out highly entertaining, media rich Internet applications used by hundreds of millions of people. You will collaborate with really smart and fun engineers. You will solve hard problems and bend Web technologies to accomplish new, interesting and complex engineering challenges.

About You:

    * Get excited about working with wicked smart people and solving really challenging problems
    * Enjoy working in a small team, fast-paced start-up environment where engineering is king
    * Want to work on both the front-end and back-end of high transaction Web applications
    * Are very strong in designing and implementing complex object-oriented abstractions, data structures, run-time    
      complexity, etc., but feel you can still learn from others
    * Have worked with different languages but have a strong preference for Python. You think decorators and generators are 
      cool. You are familiar with Django, Pylons or TurboGears frameworks and understand their trade-offs
    * Can write efficient JavaScript, are knowledgeable with jQuery, and are familiar with AJAX
    * Think Actionscript/Flex/Flash are interesting and wouldn't mind learning them
    * Enjoy staying up-to-date with technologies so you can suggest new coding practices, recommend architecture changes 
      and collaborate with our platform team to optimize scalability and network efficiency
    * Love seeing your work used by hundreds of millions of people
Mark Gentry
Slide, Inc.
mgentry at slide.com

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