[Baypiggies] Job: Contract embedding/embedded instrument programming

Ken Newton krnewton at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 23:16:49 CEST 2009

My current project has a need for a contract programmer to create a
scripting interface to our instrument control software for the
development phase of our next-generation mass spectrometer project.

The company name is Varian, Inc. and the work is located in Walnut
Creek, CA. We have a small (3-8 person) project team (scientists, EE,
ME, SW) that is being assembled to do the early development phase of
this project. As we will be re-using portions of designs and hardware
from existing products, we expect to have an early working prototype
within the next 2 months. We want to use the Python scripting
interface to allow the instrument engineers and scientists to adjust
and tune the multitude of parameters used to optimize instrument

I have used the PyCXX framework to create a basic interface between
Python and the (Windows) C/C++ code used in other products. We need to
extend this interface to include more functionality, moving
time-critical sections from an initial Python implementation into C++
code as required. I anticipate the need for a full-time contractor for
the next 3 months. Assuming that this project meets its feasibility
goals, it may be desirable to extend the contract for a longer period
or to convert to full time status.

Requirements are sufficient experience both with Python and relevant
Python/C++ and C++ design and programming. Experience in software in
embedded or instrument control is a significant bonus skill.

Send resumes to ken.newton at varianinc.com (mention BayPIGgies), but
feel free to direct other questions to me at this address also.

Ken Newton
krnewton at gmail.com
Varian Inc.

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