[Baypiggies] Bioinformatics Python Programmer

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Wed Oct 7 02:31:40 CEST 2009

Andrew Dalke wrote:
> But there are people, like me, who like working with more physically 
> oriented data sets than working on, say, financial data or social 
> networks.  People who just like science, and will take the pay cut.

This is getting off topic, and personal, but I've been doing application design and 
implementation in the accounting, small business, point-of-sale, and small 
manufacturing arenas for my entire career. I've always been interested in science, 
and follow with great interest the written-for-laypeople science articles. But I 
never took any but the most basic science courses in high school and college (I don't 
even have any computer science formal education).

I'm very happy with my consulting life but sometimes I wish I were doing more for the 
common good. Like being involved in advancing human knowledge somehow.

So as I get older and more financially secure, I can see myself getting more likely 
to pursue a job as a programmer in some interesting scientific project. I think it 
would add some level of personal satisfaction to my life, knowing that I'm 
contributing to the greater good.

So, I appreciate knowing about such opportunities, even though there's no way I'd 
apply for this particular gig at this particular time, because I agree with Aahz that 
it would be rude to waste people's time that way.


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