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On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Tony Cappellini <tony at tcapp.com> wrote:

> > So, I appreciate knowing about such opportunities, even though there's no
>> > way I'd apply for this particular gig at this particular time, because I
>> > agree with Aahz that it would be rude to waste people's time that way.
> Being rude doesn't even apply here.
> I have been on several interviews where I didn't match all of the criteria.
> I have even been called by recruiters and hiring managers when I had only
> 1-2 skills which matched a list of 5 or more so called requirements..
> Hiring managers have told me more than once that it's so hard to find
> people who match all the criteria, that they often have to relax the list of
> requirements in order to get people to interview who are partially
> qualified. This comes with the expectation that the applicant can learn
> other skills quickly.
> If you get called for an interview, then the company has expressed that
> your background is sufficient enough to consider you a viable candidate.
There was  a practice of floating overly specify job postings to cover some
requirements of H-1 visa applications.  I think INS caught on to that
eventually and will ding you for that now.
In other words these were often job postings where the poster had no
interest of actually finding a candidate.

And/or they already have 1 in house resource with all the qualifications and
they need a clone (which usually is either extraordinarily hard to find or

I wish the original poster lots of luck finding the combo listed, but advise
that after a few months of searching (assuming filling the position is not
that urgent) relaxing some of the requirements.

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