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Thu Oct 8 22:27:10 CEST 2009

I apologize for the very long thread that this has caused. I try only to
contribute additional emails if I feel something hasn't been said and may be
It seems a lot of people are interested, but want to know where to acquire
the skills to apply for jobs like these. If it helps, for this particular
job, if you knew the full content - front to back - of both of these
textbooks, could communicate the matter in the books, and pass a theoretical
'final exam' and if you were already a pretty good Python programmer, I
think you'd have a great chance of getting the job:

1) Understanding bioinformatics - Marketa Zvelebil/Jeremy O. Baum
2) Bioinformatics - A practical guide to the analysis of genes and proteins
- Andreas D. Baxevanis/B.F. Francis Ouellette

Remember, I'm not doing the hiring. These are opinions from me as a peer 'in
the trenches.' So don't let me discourage *anyone* from applying if they
wish to. I want to find peers in my peer group and alert them to this job.
It helps the Python community and increases the chance we get someone who's
a gem to work with. Currently, we have an *awesome* team and that hasn't
always been the case.... I'd like to keep the *awesomeness*...

Also, if you have emailed me and I hadn't responded, I apologize. I've been
trying to keep up with the tread and promise to email everyone privately
before tonight/tomorrow. I believe this job will have a very short posting,
so you should apply as soon as possible.


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