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Fri Oct 9 07:06:55 CEST 2009

in 2001 during the dot bomb fallout, i joined a medical imaging
company in San Francisco. after spending my entire career in a C,
Unix, Python, and networking environment, going to a company that did
software for doctors in a clinical trials setting was just a
whacked-out idea.

i asked the VP of Engineering whether i would still be a good fit
because not only did i not have any medical background but didn't even
take chemistry or biology in college! here was his response: "it's
easier to find a Python programmer and train them medically on-the-job
than it is to find a person with a medical background and teach them
how to code in Python."

as a result, i' actually know something about osteoporosis and spinal
fractures now :-) ... *and* brave enough to even talk about it:


the way glen describes "specs" sounds awfully familiar....

-- wesley
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