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Fri Oct 9 23:56:14 CEST 2009


    Thank you for following up. I hadn't actually mailed you and about 3-4
others, when I should have. I've been out for two days. I really apologize.
You should have gotten a private reply by now.

    As of now, you (and everyone who showed an interest) should have gotten
a reply from me. If not, please *do* ping me again (off list) and I
apologize in advance if there was an oversight. With that said, I do *now*
believe that I actually answered anyone who expressed an interest in this

To everyone else,

    I'm trying to keep the volume of this thread down and communicate off
list if I can.

    Again, I'm only helping me peers know about these connections. I'm not
making any hiring decisions nor do I know more than what it's like to do
this job (as I have been doing since June/July).

    My original 'self evaluation' email may have sounded tough -- even much
tougher than the job posting description. Again, that evaluation was to help
you determine if you'd actually like the job and not be overwhelmed and
over-frustrated. Job postings can't clearly communicate what it's like to be
in the trenches and what it's like day to day on the job.

    If you're remotely interested, you *should* apply - you are not
committed to taking the job just by applying for it. This is closing *very*
quickly, so please *ping* me if you hadn't heard.. And, again, off list....

Warmest Regards,

Glen Jarvis
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