[Baypiggies] Question about employment application forms

K. Richard Pixley rich at noir.com
Mon Oct 26 14:40:08 CET 2009

> Actually, I've had better luck with salary.com and glassdoor.com.  And  
> while the glassdoor reviews can be helpful: Do read them with a  
> skeptical eye (as disgruntled employees tend to be more likely to  
> write a review than happy ones).  I've noticed the same phenomenon  
> with apartmentratings.com.
Yelp.com seems to have a similar dynamic.

I'll second the suggestion for glassdoor.com.

My personal strategy and experience has been that questionnaires that 
demand this info too early are not realistic paths to work.  That is, 
they're today's equivalent to a blow off.  If you know of a company who 
is looking, or has a gig available, and you run into one of these, then 
it's time to start pushing on the social network to find some other way 
to get your resume in front of whoever is doing the hiring.

I don't remember whether I've ever landed a gig that included such a 
questionnaire, but I'm positive that I've landed interviews after 
finding alternatives to such questionnaires.


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