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Nick Stinemates nick at stinemates.org
Tue Oct 27 05:23:38 CET 2009

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Professionally I manage a group of 5 QA Engineers. 

Prior to that I was the Automation Lead at the same company where I developed test harnesses and automation 
tools for our products. The framework (aptly named ARF [automated regression framework]) houses over 20,000 automated test cases which get executed and reported 
on every build. Abilities include things like basic functional tests, integration tests, web service tests, performance/load/scalability tests (to measure the 
effect a commit had on specific portions of the product,) etc. It wraps the results up in a pretty report and creates a web based dashboard for everyone to see.

Now that the foundation has been created, I mentor and assist my team in leveraging it to achieve their testing goals.

In my spare time I try to contribute to the #python IRC channel, and am just now getting in to mailing lists. Also wouldn't mind finding some open source 
projects, but haven't found a python utility that I use often.

What about you?

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 09:11:02PM -0700, Keith Dart wrote:
> === On Mon, 10/26, nick at stinemates.org wrote: ===
> > Hello. New to the list. Found it on the python.org website and
> > thought it would be cool to talk to other python developers from the
> > Bay Area.
> ===
> Welcome, Nick! But I'm afraid you will find more discussions about
> hiring practices and recruiter etiquette than actual Python here. :-o
> But Python discussions are always welcome.
> So, what are you doing with Python?
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