[Baypiggies] Chompapps Etc

Jon Rosebaugh jon at inklesspen.com
Tue Oct 27 07:23:01 CET 2009

On Oct 26, 2009, at 11:18 PM, Jeremy Fishman wrote:

> I was going to post yet another agreement-with-slight-variation but  
> decided instead to play devils advocate here.
> Say a company (startup) is looking for employees and is in a  
> position where long-term employment, compensation, and name-value  
> cannot be guaranteed (startup).  Such a position may skew heavily  
> toward the younger demographic (I'm talking statistics here, not  
> anyone's personal preference) due to mobility, risk taking, family,  
> etc..  In this case, how can the company 'advertise' themselves  
> attractively to young potentials without 'advertising' an age  
> discrimination?

I think they may simply state that due to the nature of startup life,  
nothing is a guarantee (though, when is it ever?) and invite people  
who are uncomfortable with that idea to apply elsewhere. I'm sure  
anyone too settled in his or her ways to live with this sort of setup  
will gat the hint.

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