[Baypiggies] Chompapps Position - from Issue 31

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Thu Oct 29 22:25:06 CET 2009

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009, resmith at runbox.com wrote:
> If there is no decline with age then I don't see a need for any study
> as real-world experience will cause hiring managers, through their
> own personal "studies", to be unconcerned about age. If ability
> increases due to accumulated knowledge and experience then age
> discrimination would likely be the reverse of the way it takes place
> in other professions and the people complaining about it would be 20
> somethings.

You are apparently unaware of the numerous cases where people's
prejudices bias hiring decision.  Are you familiar with racism and
sexism, just for starters?  Are you aware that there are laws prohibiting
discrimination against people over 40 precisely because of this?

BTW, there is a new push to increase diversity in the Python community;
take a look at

> Would you guys have argued against 90? :)

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