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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Fri Oct 30 02:46:48 CET 2009

> What about this. A company has an opening for a "junior programmer" or
> "Programmer Level 1" or however they put their lowest level/entry level
> position. Isn't it the normal practice that they only consider recent
> college graduates for this? Don't they toss the resume of someone with 20
> years of unrelated programming experience who is trying to get into a new
> area (let's assume they applicant made it clear that they would work for
> less wages than they had been making) ?

If that person has the relevant experience for the new position, then, my
experience is that those resumes are not tossed. However, it's a new
entry/level position. The new hire would have to be willing to take a Junior
level salary since they are Junior.

I personally would be interested in your skills as a Python programmer.
 Although it doesn't hurt to know COBOL and Fortran, those languages do not
automatically substitute for programming in Python every day. Could you know
os.path.abspath() without looking it up? Would you know it's there and look
it up quickly? Or, would you try to create your own logic with string
manipulation? Most inexperienced Python programmers would do the latter.
Then, there's less portability across platforms, etc.  That was just one
random example. Insert *many* similar examples here (os.path.split(),
os.path.join(), tarfile, subprocess, etc. etc.)

I have switched fields and had great luck in that process, and age did not
stop me. I admit that I did not get some jobs that I wanted. That wasn't
because of my age. Frankly, I just hadn't built up the experience yet. And,
that was pretty obvious on white board tests.

So, my experience is that those resumes are not tossed automatically.
However, they must be related to the job in question. I found that the
quality of the programmer does not decline with age, even well past
retirement age -- especially if that person is proactive and stays current
in their field.


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