[Baypiggies] KUDOS and Thank you! Re: talks last night

Meenal Pant meenalpant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 06:07:24 CET 2009

Thanks to the efforts of Glen and other members I enjoyed watching
Simeon's presentation and took away a lot of good tips.
Thanks Simeon for these links.

I am new to the *real world web development* so to speak. I am
wondering how many organizations actually use frameworks such as
Django, Ruby on rails etc  ?  Also what is the technical difference
between a backend developer, frontend developer and a web designer?
Isn't a frontend developer and designer the same thing ?   What level
of expertise does one need to be hired as a web developer, some of
each ? I read on James Bennett's blog that "you are not a web
developer if you do not know Javascript", so I am trying to understand
what is an absolute must to make the cut.

BTW If anyone knows of any django gigs or can point to the right
people , I'd really appreciate that.

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