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Has anyone tried this out?


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Pida is an IDE (integrated development environment).
Pida is different from other IDEs in that it will use the tools you
already have available rather than attempting to reinvent each one. Pida
has unique features like a pluggable editor component supporting Vim,
Emacs and Medit currently.

We are proud to announce the hopefully last beta of Pida 0.6. [1]

It was a long time since beta2 and a lot of changes happened since then:

== Core Highlights ==
" multiprocessing language plugins
   Language plugins can now use a multiprocessing infrastructure which
   allows expensive operations to be done on other cpu cores. This
   increases the speed of plugins like python_lint and python
   dramatically and do not make the gui sluggish anymore.
" project file caches
   Projects now have a filecache which allows fast queries to filenames
   and filetypes. The QuickOpen plugin provides a gui for this,
   allowing the user to open files to which parts of the name, path or
   filetype are known
" very precise feature selection from LanguagePlugins
" better filemonitor support
" new documentation (needs some gui work tho)
" lot of speedups
" lot of usability enhancements
" lots and lots of fixes

== New Plugins ==
" RegexpToolkit - helps you develop and analyze regular expressions
" QuickOpen - fast file opener for project files
" WayPoint - autogenerates waypoints when you surf and edit files and
 allows to jump back and forth

[1] http://pida.co.uk/blog/0.6beta3

       Support the Python Software Foundation:

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