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> as an aside, here's the antithesis blog post:
> http://bitcheese.net/wiki/nopython
> comments on *that* one? (many already know that the 1.10000000000001
> display issue is taken care of by Python 3.1.)

Most of his comments are well out-of-date.
Any guesses what version was he referencing 1.x? 1.4? 2.1?
Python vs OCaml
No static type system. It makes impossible to apply “correct
by construction” principle in python. Although, exceptions just don’t
work (see above).No pattern matching. And even no switches
— actually even PHP has it. Some people recommend to use “if – else if”
constructions instead…[??? re module was added way back in Python 1.5, and before that there was regex] Python performance sucks. Any single implentation of OCaml works much faster than any implentation of Python.[anyone got any contemporary numbers?]

Python vs Ruby
Python appears to be an object-oriented language, but OOP
system is just a syntactic sugar for dictionaries, and you have to fall
back to direct intervention to do serious business.[what on earth does he mean? must be talking about a very old version. No example given.]


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