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AgraQuest is a biopesticide company delivering innovative biological and
low-chemical crop protection solutions. As part of the clean-tech
revolution, the company is committed to providing effective alternatives
to synthetic pesticides. 

AgraQuest is well funded and privately held company backed by several
well known venture capital groups and private equity firms, such as
Texas Pacific Group. The company has also made significant collaborative
deals with well known companies providing crop protection solutions such
as BASF. AgraQuest currently reports sales of existing products in the
tens of millions of dollars. Together with capital injection and revenue
from sales, AgraQuest is now cash flow positive. The company is poised
for an IPO in the near future. For more information about the company
please see http://agraquest.com.

General Description: 

AgraQuest is looking for a Python developer who has experience working
with frameworks, preferably TurboGears. You will be responsible for
continuing the development, deployment and maintenance of custom data
management systems and their web interfaces. Using an open source
relational database you will create, enhance, and maintain databases
that will warehouse millions of dollars worth of agricultural field
trial and various forms of laboratory data. You will interact with
non-Informatics scientists to understand their needs in order to
efficiently develop Informatics solutions. Excellent communication and
great interpersonal skills would be highly desirable. An innate or
acquired desire to promote safer healthier environment would also be a
definite plus.

Essential duties and responsibilities: 

*  Create automatic loaders to import data from Excel and text files to
the database 

*  Develop tools to generate user-defined reports in Excel and Word by
extracting data out of the relational database 

*  Write scripts to properly maintain the database management system,
e.g. nightly backups, regression testing, etc. 

*  Interact with users to create web-based interface for efficient
retrieval and display of data 

*  Meticulously document functional and technical specs 

*  Utilize open source tools whenever possible 

*  Help maintain hardware used for data entry, data capture and database

*  Must develop rapid prototype of necessary software tools for various
scientific projects 

*  Must be able to work independently and collaboratively with project
leads and non-technical personnel 


*  Bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or other closely
related technical degree, preferably with minor or a few classes in

Required and desired qualifications: 

*  1+ years of industry experience developing data management software
in Linux/UNIX environment 

*  Fluent in Python, TurboGear, JavaScript, and CSS 

*  Experience with authentication protocols such as LDAP and SSL 

*  Proficient with advanced SQL queries to optimize searches 

*  Experience in managing open source relational database, e.g.
PostgreSQL or MySQL, such as installation, backing up and restoration of

*  Source code management system experiences in SVN 

*  Experiences in the following would be a plus: VBA, CGI, Samba, PHP,
Perl, Java, Ajax, Trac, Django, C, Oracle, CherryPy, Plone, PL/pgSQL,

*  Prefer some knowledge of statistics and of molecular biology 

*  Desired to work in a fasted paced working environment and ability to
adapt to changing requirements 

To apply, please send a current version of your resume to
jobs at agraquest.com and reference "Informatics Research Associate" in the
subject line. AgraQuest requires successful completion of a
pre-employment drug test. AgraQuest, Inc. is an EOE employer.




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