[Baypiggies] Python vs. OCaml

Daniel Wilkerson daniel.wilkerson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 21:30:06 CEST 2009

OCaml is not a "real" programming language in the sense that it is not
designed to support professional software engineering idioms.  As a
guy I know said who has a PhD in programming languages from Berkeley
"OCaml is what you get when a bunch of French people need to write
papers and so they hack a bunch of features into ML".

OCaml is not OO.  There is more to the world than OO as a previous
poster mentioned, however OO is an essential idiom for programming in
the large.  An example of how OCaml falls down is that if you have a
foo field of an Object/Struct/Record/Whatever-they-call-it, then no
other Object can have a foo field.  This allows for type inference.
It also does not allow for polymorphism.


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