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Woops!  It's this Thursday the 17th at 6:30.


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>  Marcus - what day and date please? You might like to add to the subject
> line.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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> BayPIGgies,
> Just wanted to inform you of the meetup this week in SF.  Should be a good
> one, so please drop by if you're up this way.  Details below, and at
> meetup.com/sfpython.
> Regards,
> Marcus
> ----
> This month, we have Jim Baker from Boulder, CO giving us a talk on python
> performance optimization.
> Speaker Bio:
> Jim Baker has 15 years of professional software development experience,
> focusing on business intelligence, enterprise system management, and
> high-performance web applications. He is a member at the Python Software
> Foundation, a committer on Jython, and a frequent speaker at pyCon on python
> performance / iterators. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from
> Harvard University and a Masters of Computer Science from Brown University
> (and an all-but-dissertation PhD candidate).
> Abstract:
> You have great unit tests. Your Python code is correct, or at least as much
> as you can tell with your testing. Now you may want to optimize the
> performance of some of that code, so as to improve the user experience,
> reduce costs, or enhance scalability. In this talk, we will look at how to
> apply some proven techniques for optimizing Python performance. First we
> will discuss some approaches to profiling, which is what you should do
> first. Then we will examine a variety of optimization strategies, from small
> optimizations, to using better algorithms and more appropriate data
> structures, to the impact of using a better fitting (or perhaps more
> well-written) library, and more. And we will look at what exactly you may
> want to optimize, whether that is response time, throughput, or various
> other related metrics, and how to appropriately balance. Lastly, as it comes
> up, we will also discuss some of the differences between the various
> implementations, like CPython and Jython.
> Agenda-
> 6:30p - 7:00p Pizza and Networking
> 7:00p - 8:30p Main talk / Q&A
> Please RSVP so we know how much food to order ;-)
> About Slide's office:
> 2.5 blocks from Cal Train
> Easy parking along 2nd street and Brannan
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