[Baypiggies] Contracting in Python

jim jim at well.com
Thu Apr 1 23:44:23 CEST 2010

"I even had (still could get) a business developer speaker to speak
(without charging us) about some business topics." 

(gasp!) Do that! That's one of the (languishing) possible 
ideas for a bayPIGgies topic. 

On Thu, 2010-04-01 at 11:54 -0700, Glen Jarvis wrote:
> One of the things I've noticed more and more as I meet people in this
> community is that either have a large number of our members
> contracting at places, or others trying to contract but don't know
> how. It's amazing how many people I discover that have been doing this
> for years.
> I am not volunteering to put a workshop together (I can't keep up with
> my own contracts right now, much less help anyone else). But, I think
> that is something that would be a great idea if someone is interested.
> I had tried (offline) to put together something like this at the
> beginning of this year. I even had (still could get) a business
> developer speaker to speak (without charging us) about some business
> topics. I just couldn't get a business-like-setting/space for our
> meetings. I wasn't confident enough to advertise the event because I
> wasn't certain we could get an adequate space. So, I let it go.
> Someone else may have better luck.
> The second thing I've noticed is that some of our work is with
> front-end technologies. I personally would rather contract out the CSS
> and JavaScript work to someone else - just so I can focus on one
> thing.
> I have a co-worker who really enjoys the JavaScript and CSS type work.
> If we all got together, physically in the same location, to work on
> our projects on a Saturday; and if we invited him, would anyone else
> have work for him? He may be interested in doing this if we can get
> enough work for him (and if he has the free time). It'd have to be
> worthwhile for him.
> Glen
> Disclaimer: This email does not constitute a time commitment of any
> kind on Glen's behalf. He's only beginning a conversation to see what
> the responses may be.
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> Whatever you can do or imagine, begin it;
> boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it.
> -- Goethe 
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