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OSCON Registration is open. Here's a discount you can pass along to your
members through your mailing list or at your meetings:

OSCON happens July 19-23, 2010 in Portland, OR

Use code "os10usrg" when you register, and receive 20% off the registration

To register for the conference, go to

At OSCON, you'll participate in hundreds of sessions covering open source
languages and platforms, practical tutorials that go deep into technical
skill and best practices, inspirational keynote presentations, an Expo Hall
featuring dozens of the latest projects and products, fun networking events
and activities, and the best "hallway track" around.

   - Explore the benefits and challenges of building scalable applications
   for the cloud
   - Use open source to target Android, iPhone and other mobile platforms
   - Understand how and when to use NoSQL databases
   - Learn best practices from experts in Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP and
   - Use open source effectively as part of your business strategy
   - Learn how to foster contribution and adoption of your open source

Follow OSCON on your favorite social networking sites:


look for #OSCON)


Hope to see you there,

Marsee Henon
   [image: Spreading the knowledge of
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