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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Thu Apr 29 21:30:06 CEST 2010

When writing Python code, you will eventually run into a situation where you
need to interact with a repository.

If you have never used a repository before (subversion or any kind), then
this free course for a few hours will be helpful. I'm giving this course for
some of my colleagues at work and we have room for a few more.

I'm hoping to hold a training on Wednesday 5-May around 6pm. This is not set
in stone yet because because I want to get feedback on all those interested
in coming and find a schedule that works for everyone. This *will* be at UC
Berkeley in Stanley Hall (that part isn't flexible).

We will start off with the very basics.

We give you a sample repository -- a complete toy that you couldn't mess up
if you tried -- so you can do what you want in training. We'll learn how to
check out code, how to make updates, and how the repository serializes those
updates. Thus, we learn why it's important to do an update before a

We will learn how to then do a check-in and, if there are conflicts, how to
resolve them. We will, of course, learn what a conflict is, why it exists
and what it means.

Plan for this to last for two hours, although we can be flexible depending
upon the needs of the group that evening.

This is completely lab based where people will be working in pairs. One of
you will add some "code" and the other will update that "code" in scenarios
that I set up to demonstrate all of the above. You do *not* need to know how
to program to take this course. "Code" in our example will be text files
with different words on each line.

What we won't cover is how to merge branches, make tags, do svnadmin, or
other advanced features. We can hold an intermediate class for such things
if you're interested. This, however, is a beginners class at a beginners
level meant to make you much more comfortable using the repository.

You will be given a small recipe booklet on all the above and much more,
that you can take with you.

Please let me know if you are interested so we can make final arrangements.
We have one participant for certain and it works well if we have at least
one pair (or two pairs) of people. We can host up to 20 people. You will
need your own laptop with wireless capability and to have the subversion
client program already installed.


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boldness has beauty, magic, and power in it.

-- Goethe
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