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Villarreal, Mike Mike.Villarreal at adeccona.com
Wed Aug 4 21:09:00 CEST 2010

Application process: Please forward your credentials to mike.villarreal at adeccona.com<mailto:mike.villarreal at adeccona.com> and your availability to have a phone interview.

Principal:                      University of California
Position:                       Python Programmer
Location:                      Work form home office
Duration:                      2 Days (evening hours are ok)
Pay rate:                       $50/hr w2 (budgeted)

Manager would do a check in, 4 hours following the start of the assignment to ensure that there is positive progress. The programmer will work from home and simply email the final results as well as the corresponding source code to the hiring manager.

Screen scraping online App stores (Android, Apple, BlackBerry, OV Nokia)
Looking to have two or three Python scripts written to help with an ongoing research project.  For an accomplished programmer, the scripts should take no more than a day or two.

A specific App store and database schema will be provided as a function of the specific app store.  Descend the app store application hierarchy storing the app tree hierarchy and details of each application version and application developer.

Skills Required:
Must be able to provide examples of your work
Python programming
Network Screen Scraping
Python regular expression parsing of HTML and XML
Python HTTP calls library
Python DB-API to MySQL
MySQL database design and administration

[1] Fully encapsulated Python script and associated import files running under Python 2.4
Can be manually invoked from the command line and as a cron job (incremental updates)
Is tested on both a LAMP and MAMP stack to scrape a parameterized target site (the site is fixed but the site is parametrized for our readability and modularity)
Will dump the results to a MySQL database version 5.0.77 in one of two modes [a] build a new database [b] incremental update of an existing database.

[2] MySQLdump of the database as built on a complete run of the target site (see above [a]).

Mike Villarreal
mike.villarreal at adeccona.com<mailto:mike.villarreal at adeccona.com>

O: (408) 296-8414    ext. 25

M: (408) 940-5071

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