[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies and Open Source (was: Complimentary class on SPM.Python)

Minesh B. Amin mamin at mbasciences.com
Thu Aug 5 20:29:55 CEST 2010

Hi Jim/Tony/Aahz/Folks,

You all have raised valid points ... points that I discussed
with Jim in the background as he alluded to.

Thanks to input from Jim, I have gone out of my way
to give presentations with two goals in mind:

  +) introduce what I believe are very powerful concepts on
       how to think about issues in this field of parallel software,

  +) show how a specific capability goes about solving various
       aspects so that the whole presentation is grounded in
       the reality that all of us as software engineers face on a
       day to day bases; 

That this presentation is not some pie in the sky approach
no what is, at the end of the day, a very sexy topic.

Again, thanks for raising valid points. I hope you see what
motivated my approach.


On Thu, 2010-08-05 at 11:00 -0700, jim wrote:

>    great thanks to aahz for raising the topic. tony's 
> response seems dead on right. 
>    the following is my attempt briefly to explain how i 
> approach the job of getting and coordinating speakers 
> for baypiggies, respond to aahz comment re Minesh's two 
> talks, and present a plea for help. 
>    i worry about the direction of the baypiggies group 
> in that i want it to persist. technical groups seem to 
> have "seasons" in which attendance and character of 
> focus changes. Our change of venue from Google to 
> Symantec (thanks to tony and symantec) preceded a drop 
> in attendance. The recent appearance of other groups 
> that focus on Python (mainly in San Francisco) seems to
> coincide with a drop in attendance (with respect to 
> average attendance at the google campus meetings). 
>    the point: i've stepped up my efforts a little bit 
> to excite baypiggies activities. 
>    myself, i'm close to virulent in my support of free, 
> libre, open source stuff. as baypiggies' 
> speaker-getter/coordinator i lean strongly toward floss 
> topics. 
>    i am not opposed to commercial efforts. 
>    getting speakers for main topics as well as newbie 
> nuggets is a struggle. 
>    i make an effort to get speakers. 
>    a few members, notably tony and jj, have recruited 
> speakers. i exercise no filtering on their efforts; my 
> job is to let everyone know of dates open and help out 
> by making sure no one books a conflicting date. 
>    as to my own efforts to get speakers, my criteria 
> include 
> * free, libre (liberty vs no-cost), open source 
> * interesting and timely technical issues 
> * inclusion of python code examples in the presentation 
> * speaker has reasonable presentation abilities (low bar) 
> * reasonable expectation that the topic and/or speaker 
> will positively affect baypiggies. 
>    re my efforts, i offer to help speakers tune their 
> presentations; i'm open to supporting speakers other 
> baypiggies members recruit, but i don't usually offer 
> ("stick my nose in"). 
>    probably worth noting: i've learned that i am the 
> default meeting moderator. my policy is that the person 
> who recruits the speaker should be the meeting moderator. 
> i believe the meeting moderator should be low-key: 
> someone to move the meeting through its phases--it's 
> the speakers who should be the focus of attention. 
>    i'm open to any discussion, suggestions, changes, 
> opposition... to the above general approach. 
>    as to the specifics of Minesh's two presentations: 
> * the topic seems large in scope and important: that 
> the difficulty of getting speakers led me to suggest 
> to Minesh that he make two talks, one general to the 
> topic and the other specific to his efforts. 
> * i encouraged him to participate in the BayPIGgies 
> mailing list discussion, to provide access to his 
> product, and to promote the free class he's recently 
> advertised. 
> * i believed that the topic and Minesh's efforts met 
> the criteria i use (above) and would have a positive 
> effect on baypiggies mailing list and attendance. note 
> that i view aahz' comment as a positive result (any 
> discussion is good discussion). 
>    looking back, the two talks look successful. 
>    if you've read this far, you're likely interested 
> in the baypiggies group. please help get speakers for 
> newbie nuggets and primary topics, please talk up 
> baypiggies to the greater technical community, and 
> please contribute to the baypiggies mailing list. (and 
> remember, the focus is python and related technologies 
> with as little as possible focus on administrative 
> meta-issues.) 
>    helping to get speakers can be as simple as noting 
> topics for which you'd like a presentation: what 
> recent developments in Python pique your interest? 
> On Thu, 2010-08-05 at 06:40 -0700, Tony Cappellini wrote:
> > > Part of the reason I haven't offered to repeat my OSCON talk about the
> > > work I'm doing at egnyte.com is because I think that BayPIGgies should
> > > have a strong bias in favor of Open Source because Python itself is Open
> > > Source.
> > 
> > -1
> > 
> > > What do other people think?  Did people who attended the meetings about
> > > SPM feel that they got enough technical value even if they never use SPM?
> > 
> > The presentation on SPM was interesting enough for me, even though I
> > don't see an immediate need for it in my day-day work.
> > 
> > Whether the topic is Open Source or not should not have any bearing on
> > presentations at BayPiggies.
> > This has never been a requirement in the past, and should not be one now.
> > 
> > We are always struggling to get people to do presentations,
> > 
> > Any topic with some Python-relevance is just fine with me, adding
> > additional criteria on top of that
> > would make it even more difficult.
> > 
> > On that note- I recently became aware of yet another commercial Python
> > Debugger, and have invited this company to do
> > a presentation on this product. Unfortunately, their office in the Bay
> > Area does not have a technical person.
> > 
> > Because we were struggling to find presenters recently, I told Jim I
> > would do a presentation on Wing IDE,
> > yet another commercial product.
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