[Baypiggies] Lead Performance Engineer at Lolapps, Inc

Seth Dawson seth at lolapps.com
Tue Aug 10 02:30:39 CEST 2010

Hey There!
We are looking for a Performance Lead to join our growing team here at
Lolapps, Inc, a social games and apps start-up in San Francisco. It's a fun,
smart team and we really do LOL around here!
Please email me if you are interested at seth at lolapps.com.

Performance Engineer (Lead)

We're looking for a seasoned performance engineer.  You know the
thrill and the terror of an unexpected traffic storm that's railed
your application.  You think on your feet, adapt and make a genius
patch that let's your servers hold to see out the storm, then hit the
whiteboard to start architecting a solution that will handle the next
storm with ease.

You'll get to:

* Work in an innovative space that is expanding into a billion dollar
* Design and implement large chunks of scalability features.
* Help make key infrastructure decisions (databases, replication
layouts, caching solutions, etc.).

* Experiment with the newest emerging open-source technologies.
* Test your ideas and strategies out on millions of users and enormous
data sets.
* Head up a small team of experienced engineers (if you are willing and

* Have fun.  Play ping pong, foosball, video games.
* Eat. We buy your lunches.

Ideally, you:

* Love python and can code it in your sleep.
* Working knowledge of Linux, scripting, and SQL.
* Understand when MySQL is great and experiment with NoSQL solutions

* Know how to put together a web-application stack. (We use Pylons/Paste.)
* Enjoy bouncing ideas of your teammates to build up solutions no one
person could of thought up him or herself.
* Care about your implementations and find yourself compulsively
checking that your latest experimental deploy is working the way you
thought it would.

Seth Dawson
Senior Technical Recruiter
116 New Montgomery St. 7th floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
C: 415 515 2654
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