[Baypiggies] Death of IronPython?

Bryce Verdier bryceverdier at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 02:39:21 CEST 2010

Recently I was running around Stackoverflow, and hit across a question 
similar to this (off) topic discussion.

Long story short, it linked to the eric IDE, which does integrated 
qt-designer with PyQT. The cool part is that it uses these technologies 


Besides that, it seems like its a pretty nice IDE. I'm trying it out now 
and liking it so far.


On 08/08/2010 03:00 PM, Alex Martelli wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 11:46 AM, Dennis Reinhardt<DennisR at dair.com>  wrote:
>> At 03:04 PM 8/7/2010, you wrote:
>>> http://blog.jimmy.schementi.com/2010/08/start-spreading-news-future-of-jimmy.html
>> A shame but only after a fashion.  I tried Iron Python + Visual Studio.  The
>> promise of this combo to me is that GUI interfaces could be created visually
>> and then implemented by Python code.
> This can be done, cross-platform, with Qt (though I don't know of an
> IDE that supports both Qt visual GUI design and Python development --
> but then I'm NOT an IDE person, so the fact that I don't know of one
> doesn't mean there aren't several;-)... and with PySide you now have a
> pretty liberal OS license on your work (PyQt itself is still "GPL or
> pay").  I'd be surprised if by now PyGtk and wxPython weren't at
> feature parity with Qt on this subject.
> Alex
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