[Baypiggies] Seeking Talented Server Engineer to work on scalability issues

Mary Stephens ml at lolapps.com
Fri Aug 20 18:51:16 CEST 2010

We're looking for a seasoned performance engineer.  You know the
thrill and the terror of an unexpected traffic storm that's railed
your application.  You think on your feet, adapt and make a genius
patch that let's your servers hold to see out the storm, then hit the
whiteboard to start architecting a solution that will handle the next
storm with ease.

You'll get to:

* Work in an innovative space that is expanding into a billion dollar
* Design and implement large chunks of scalability features.
* Help make key infrastructure decisions (databases, replication
layouts, caching solutions, etc.).
* Experiment with the newest emerging open-source technologies.
* Test your ideas and strategies out on millions of users and enormous data
* Head up a small team of experienced engineers (if you are willing and
* Have fun.  Play ping pong, foosball, video games.
* Eat. We buy your lunches.

Ideally, you:

* Love python and can code it in your sleep.
* Working knowledge of Linux, scripting, and SQL.
* Understand when MySQL is great and experiment with NoSQL solutions
* Know how to put together a web-application stack. (We use Pylons/Paste.)
* Enjoy bouncing ideas of your teammates to build up solutions no one person
could of thought up by themself.
* Care about your implementations and find yourself compulsively checking
that your latest experimental deploy is working the way you thought it


Mary Lee Stephens
Director of HR & Recruitment
Lolapps, Inc.
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