[Baypiggies] Graham Dumpleton visit

Marla Parker mparker at energy-solution.com
Mon Aug 30 18:28:52 CEST 2010

I contacted Graham Dumpleton last week to let him know that my company would like to meet him and host an open talk if he is ever in the SF Bay area, and he replied conveniently enough about his first trip to the US coming up in October.  Then he blogged about it and Jim commented that bay piggies would like to host a talk, too.

So my question is:  how many people would likely show up for a talk by Graham Dumpleton (mr. mod_wsgi) in SF?  10-20 or 100?

I think SF would be most convenient for Graham - he is on a family vacation and only in SF for a few specific days, which he has yet to verify precisely.  Possibly the only evening he could speak is Friday, October 8, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Jim if you want to take this off list I'd be interested in what venue space you have in SF for a talk like this.  I was thinking of trying to get space at the Pacific Energy Center because it is a really nice space for classes and meetings and having a bunch of python developers show up there might inspire more of them to figure out how to use their skills to tackle climate change.


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