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On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 9:28 AM, Marla Parker
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> I contacted Graham Dumpleton last week to let him know that my company
> would like to meet him and host an open talk if he is ever in the SF Bay
> area, and he replied conveniently enough about his first trip to the US
> coming up in October.  Then he blogged about it and Jim commented that bay
> piggies would like to host a talk, too.
> So my question is:  how many people would likely show up for a talk by
> Graham Dumpleton (mr. mod_wsgi) in SF?  10-20 or 100?
> I think SF would be most convenient for Graham - he is on a family vacation
> and only in SF for a few specific days, which he has yet to verify
> precisely.  Possibly the only evening he could speak is Friday, October 8,
> but that is yet to be confirmed.
> Jim if you want to take this off list I'd be interested in what venue space
> you have in SF for a talk like this.  I was thinking of trying to get space
> at the Pacific Energy Center because it is a really nice space for classes
> and meetings and having a bunch of python developers show up there might
> inspire more of them to figure out how to use their skills to tackle climate
> change.
> Marla
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