[Baypiggies] Syapse: Python jobs in Palo Alto

Tony Loeser tony.loeser at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 02:15:35 CET 2010

As posted to the jobs board:

Syapse is a bioinformatics software company formed at Stanford and based in Palo Alto that accelerates biomedical product development by organizing biological results, and enabling scientific project management and collaboration. We utilize semantic technologies and biomedical ontologies to deliver scientifically intelligent web applications to biomedical companies of all sizes. We work with a number of prominent biotech, pharma, and diagnostics companies in the fields of biologics, biomarkers, and molecular diagnostics.

More importantly for BayPIGgies, our server code is written in python!  We are growing, and have a couple positions that we need to fill with outstanding software engineers.  All the details are available here: http://www.syapse.com/jobs.php.

Web Application Developer:
 * Take ownership of components on both the client and server side.
 * Client: HTML, CSS, Javascript.  Prototypes through polished interfaces.
 * Server: Python, Django, SQL.  A growing suite of modular applications.
Python Server Developer:
 * Be (or become) a Django expert.  Build a solid foundation for the application suite.
 * Build internal tools, from content curation to semantic data pipelines.
 * Back end stuff: MySQL optimization, search indexes, customer-specific cloud deployments, and whatever else it takes.

To get in touch, find me (Tony Loeser) at tony at syapse.com.

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