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1. What are the best tools to analyze pythons memory stack, while it is running?
2. Is there a possibility to analyze the memory stack of a program with external programs? (without to change the source code - I am only interested in the object size)
3. Can I sort of "break" into the memory to see what objects consume how much memory?

my scenario
I have to debug a multithreaded server, which is written in the twisted-framework. One of the processes has some sort of memory leak - After one of our jobs is finished the main process has still over 59% of the entire memory allocated. I will probably have to recreate our scenario and equip our server with some memory sensors - but  it takes 12h to reproduce the scenario and I will have to change the source code(at least I do not know of other options).
Therefore I am looking for quicker possibilities to look into what causes our memory leak.

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