[Baypiggies] scientific notation: string to int

Keith Dart keith at dartworks.biz
Thu Dec 9 02:25:20 CET 2010

=== On Thu, 12/09, Andrew Dalke wrote: ===
> but not 0.9.1 ;)


Wow, ok, that's going waaaay back. 8-O

So, now we know any version after 2.4 can convert a scientific notation
strings simply, but not before or equal to 0.9.1. Dang, I don't have 1.5
around any more to narrow it down further. ;-)

Now I'm curious, what's the earliest version of Python anyone has in
"production", or personal use?

My Gentoo Linux just sprouted 2.7.1 (and 3.1.3) in its "portage" system.
So I will be using that from now on. That is supposed to be the very
last 2.x version, but with extended maintenance period (more than two
years). Anybody using that yet? Or even 3.x?

 -- Keith Dart


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