[Baypiggies] scientific notation: string to int

Keith Dart keith at dartworks.biz
Fri Dec 10 00:51:44 CET 2010

=== On Thu, 12/09, Bryce Verdier wrote: ===
> I feel so sheepish... oh well, I doubt I'll make this mistake again.

I could use a new wool sweater, so for penance you can shave
yourself. ;-)

But that is a common error. You can validate the data in a try block in
the parser too, and have it return only valid records.


	value = float(value)
except ValueError:

Regarding read-only attributes, you can do this:

class client(object):
     def __init__(self, name, size):
         self.name = name
         self._size = float(size)
         self.east_coast = bool(re.search("_E", name))
         self.trial = bool(re.search("TR_", name))
         self.demo = bool(re.search("_Demo", name))
         self.zetta = bool(re.search("zetta|Zetta", name))
     def size(self):
         return self._size

IMHO, it's better to not convert to string there, in case you ever want
the actual float. Printing implicitly converts to a string, anyway.

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