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On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 7:21 PM, Tony Cappellini <cappy2112 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >>That was interesting.
> You may find this book interesting as well.
> http://www.baypiggies.net/index_html/user-group-association-program/BookReviews/coders-at-work-reflections-on-the-craft-of-programming-by-peter-seibel-review-by-tony-cappellini
> Guy Steel is one of the 15 people interviewed, and was in the panel I
> previously posted about.
> For the Lispers out there, there is a *lot* of talk about Lisp history and
> development in this book, *almost* enough to make me want to find out what
> all the fuss is about.
> L Peter Deutsch quoted Larry Wall's reference to the Lisp language "a bowl
> of oatmeal with fingernail clippings in it"
> (LMAO)
> As if Larry has any room to talk about the unsightliness of the source code
> of other languages ;-))
>> >>And Python was voted both best overall language and best scripting
>> >>language by Linux Journal readers.
> I believe this was two years in a row, or two years in recent times.
>> >>nother message I got from that, between the lines, is that Perl is a
>> >>dead-end.
> As much as I dislike Perl, I think it still has a lot of life although I'm
> not holding my breath for Perl 6.
> I think people can continue using Perl 5 for a long time.
> Having just read "Seven Languages", and "Coders At Work", it makes me
> wonder- does the world still need so many languages?
> Is the trend going for more language development or languages which attempt
> to consolidate several languages and programming paradigms?
> Could we survive with say only 10 or 20 languages?
> I should probably take this offline since I've strayed way off topic, but
> these books and the panel video bring up so many questions.

Keep the off topic funkiness going!  This is my favorite subject ;)


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