[Baypiggies] Slides from SciPy India 2010

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 17:57:02 CET 2010

Below is a post from Fernando Perez, author of IPython

"yesterday I gave a ~ 1hr talk on IPython at the Scipy India
conference, which is ongoing right now (and where a number of very
interesting projects, some using IPython, have been shown).  The talk
was very well received, and hopefully some of the participants over
the next few days will be able to contribute during the sprints (I'll
be here until Saturday, lecturing at the tutorials and conducting some
sprint work).

I've put up the slides here:


Feedback welcome, as always.  This is the first time in quite a while
that I've given a comprehensive overview of the project, which was
nice to do and came at a very good time, given all the recent progress
we've made and the potential for many more interesting things coming

The talk was also videotaped, I'll ping back when I have a link to the
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