[Baypiggies] python-based test frameworks?

Keith Dart keith at dartworks.biz
Wed Dec 22 07:41:06 CET 2010

=== On Tue, 12/21, Jeff Enderwick wrote: ===
> Does anyone have a set of tools/frameworks that they love? Bonus
> points for frameworks authored in Python.

Well, I love the one I wrote. :-)


It is actually a component of a larger framework, yet more complete
than most others. 

There is also support for selenium and webdriver. I recommend
compiling and using the alpha version of selenium Ver. 2 (aka
webdriver). The Pycopia framework already ties those frameworks into
its runner, environment model, and reporting. 

To write a webdriver test just but test case objects into a suite that
is a subclass of the WebDriverSuite class. 

However, the Pycopia framework is large and has many dependencies and
configuration steps. It is therefore intended to be deployed on some
kind of "appliance" platform. Either a dedicated Gentoo Linux PC or a
VMware virtual machine. You can't just install it like it was an

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