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Alexandre Conrad alexandre.conrad at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 01:31:57 CET 2010

What I would do: I'd take a mac and install Ubuntu. So you get the nice
hardware with the nice OS and don't have to worry about Python compatibility
issues (my co-workers most of the time struggle compiling C extensions).

FYI, I am an ex-Windows user that switched to Ubuntu 2 years ago and got a
nice Mac from work 3 months ago. I felt like a baby giraffe learning on how
to stand on its legs on a frozen lake. Two days later I returned it for a
Thinkpad. I later learned I could install Ubuntu on a Mac (doh!). According
to my co-worker, using the latest Ubuntu worked just fine out of the box on
his Mac. There was only one tweak required for the webcam to work (a quick
Google search tells you how).

If you are a Windows user, I am not sure this helped you though. Well that
said, I think I'd install Windows if I can't get along with Mac OS. :)

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On Dec 23, 2010 2:14 PM, "Vikram K" <kpguy1975 at gmail.com> wrote:

Recently i got funding to buy a new laptop. The choice is between Apple
(which i have never ever used),  or HP/Dell.

Since most of my computational work will be using python i wanted to ask
others on this forum about whether there would be any compatibility issues
with using the various python libraries (matplotlib, scipy, numpy,
Biopython, etc.) when using Python on the Mac.


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