[Baypiggies] Python and MS Word docs; Argghhhhhhhhh......

Jeff Younker jeff at drinktomi.com
Wed Feb 3 11:10:21 CET 2010

Python Win32 running on Windows is your friend.  You can use
COM objects just as if they were Python objects, and MS exposes
pretty much all of the functionality of Excel, MS Word, etc. as COM

When it comes to manipulating and scripting end-user applications
Microsoft has the UNIX world beat.  Hands down, no competition.
They've already solved application integration problems that the
UNIX world hasn't even recognized as existing.

Don't try to use OpenOffice.  Don't try to use NeoOffice.  Don't bother
trying to use the open source solutions.  Just learn how to extract
the data directly from Word/Excel/etc. on the Windows side (with
Python), and then feed that data over to the UNIX world.

Working with application level integration on the Windows side is
actually quite enjoyable and pleasurable.


[ My experience indicates that only MS Office apps are actually
capable of interpreting MS Office documents in a manner that
is consistent with the user's reality.  I've attempted to use
OpenOffice and NeoOffice, and they were utter failures once
I moved passed basic functionality.]

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