[Baypiggies] Salary ranges

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Mon Feb 15 18:39:12 CET 2010

> Let's put it this way: how many people with real (not just titular) two
> or more years of experience with Django would take $50K/year (keeping in
> mind that real Django experience implies Python, SQL, HTML/CSS, and
> JavaScript), given how competitive the current market is for those
> skills?  Speaking as someone who six months ago was on the searching side
> and is now on the hiring side, I definitely think this range is on the
> low end.  But I would be interested in hearing contrary opinions from
> people with experience in hiring.

I definitely agree the low end of this scale is too low. When I said
"average" I wasn't looking at the median of that range (I was looking at the
higher end). The median is $70K which is $10K - $15K lower than the average
I mentioned. Oh, and these numbers do take the current economy into

I hadn't rechecked these stats, though, for six months..


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