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Hasan Diwan hasan.diwan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 23:05:47 CET 2010

On 16 February 2010 12:49, Grace Law <gracelaw at mac.com> wrote:
> But salary is not the only thing.  You have to work with a company that
> treats you well.  If you are reading this thread and having a tough time
> finding a job, don't settle for a job just to have a job.   Rather, improve
> your technical skills ( work on personal side projects, contribute to open
> source, attend the many meetups now available)...  at the same time, improve
> your communications, interview, and puzzle solving skills... and get a darn
> good work ethics.   You WILL find something decent with better pay.
> Companies are hunting for talents - and are willing to pay for them, at
> least mine are.

Agreed with the skills improvement. I have found that the
non-technical skills are more important (especially how you come
across in an interview) and that, technical people including myself,
tend to dismiss communications skills as fluff. I'm sure any one
reading this email has the ability to write code for Google, Amazon,
Oracle, or any other employer. What sets those that get hired and
those who don't is how well you present that knowledge. It's not what
you know, nor who you know, it's how you communicate it.
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