[Baypiggies] [JOB] Python/Django Developer, San Francisco | 50-90k

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Wed Feb 17 05:41:44 CET 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010, Beau Gould (OSS) wrote:
> Aahz brought it to my attention after I submitted the job to Python
> job board for approval that there was a discussion going on here about
> the salary range for this position.  I'm curious why you all chat
> about the low end of the range.  The person that gets this job will
> probably command a 90-100k salary despite the 90k cap. Perhaps a more
> junior person with 6 months Django will get the job for 65k.  I never
> consider the required experience written in stone and you shouldn't
> either. I have yet to receive one candidate thus far.

There are two reasons I made a point of commenting:

* It is to your advantage to avoid low-balling salary ranges -- qualified
people are likely to skip over your ad with a low salary at the bottom
end of the range (even if the top end is satisfactory) because they will
figure that you either have no clue or are trying to play stupid games

* It is to the community's advantage to have a clear idea of what we're
worth and to warn people who might not be particularly career-savvy
against accepting too low a salary
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