[Baypiggies] Salary Ranges

K. Richard Pixley rich at noir.com
Wed Feb 17 18:58:31 CET 2010

Luca Pellicoro wrote:
> On Wednesday, February 17, 2010, wesley chun <wescpy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> i'd write a script to keep on submitting to the machine until i don't
>> get rejected in order to see what value is stored in
>> tiny_amount_we_want_to_pay. :-)
> I'd use selenium so it looks like a real browser from their end.
> Putting in garbage data until I got the right number. Maybe even
> masking my ip.
Lol.  Bah!  I say let'em know who has the ingenuity, skllz, chutzpah to 
sort them out.  :).

(Like they'd ever notice.)

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