[Baypiggies] Salary Ranges

Roderick Llewellyn roderick at sanfransystems.com
Mon Feb 22 19:42:00 CET 2010

The ideas about getting past bots by doing scripts to repost, etc, are 
really clever, but they might not work. The bot might well say "already 
submitted under this name" or the like. I suppose you could make up names 
for each trial til you found the magic number that works, then submit under 
your real name. I think though, you might get past the bot this way, but the 
first human that actually looked at these multiple submissions would kick 
you out for trying to game their system. They're trying to game you  -- they 
don't want you to game them.

As one of the writers pointed out, companies like Facebook would much rather 
have false negatives (bouncing qualified people) than false positives 
(hiring incompetents). That will change when the economy moves around and 
the pool of unemployed qualified candidates dries up. You'll stop seeing the 
job postings with 'tude and the endless robotic hurdles to jump over. Oh for 
the Clinton days again!!! :) 

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