[Baypiggies] Salary etc.

Roderick Llewellyn roderick at sanfransystems.com
Mon Feb 22 20:54:26 CET 2010

Aahz says: "Actually, my impression is that the pool of unemployed QUALIFIED
candidates has already dried up around here.  I was thinking this weekend
that it's time to re-enable the ban on recruiters.  Any opinions?"

Yes I think you're right. I'm getting actively courted by many internal and 
external recruiters now and likely will have > 1 offer very soon! I'm not 
getting the sneering kind of responses I was getting last year especially 
once they knew I am not GenX. I no longer apply to generic Web/LAMP 
"download much... develop little" type of jobs however, I realized they were 
lost causes, as those places seem religious in tone and don't want you to 
have worked on anything BUT web technologies, want you to be an open source 
contributor (i.e., be part of the choir)... and they DEFINITELY don't want 
to hire Baby Boomers. As I've already said before. The trick was to find 
more specialized companies that need more than just generic web programmers. 
Also I think the economy is heating up again tho more slowly than one might 

About banning recruiters from this list: If they are describing a specific 
job that seems real (not just resume-fishing with phony jobs as many do) and 
Python-related, it seems like if it leads to one person getting a job and 
feeding his/her family that's a good thing. If they're just spamming "check 
out my jobs and... of course... send those resumes in" I'd cut them.

Roderick Llewellyn

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